Affirmations to release the past and start a brand new life

Affirmations to release the past

If your past is disturbing you or hindering your personal growth, then it’s time to fix that. You can make use of some positive affirmations to release the past and retrain your mind to believe in your future. 

Repeat these affirmations daily for a few weeks to see a change in your mindset, feelings and personality.

Let’s start. Shall we?

From today, I promise to live my life in the present moment only. 

I now let go of all the pain, regrets and guilt from the past.

I release all the negative emotions from my past now.

No negativity from my past can affect me now.

I am strong and resilient.

I am grateful for the lessons my past has taught me and now I let it go gracefully.

I am now completely detaching my mind from the difficult memories of the past.

The past is done and over with.

I forgive myself and everybody else in my past.

I now open myself to new, positive energies.

I am now starting a new beautiful chapter of my life.

I am now more mindful.

I am now more present in the moment.

Present moment is where my happiness lies.

I cherish each moment of my life now.

I live each day in a state of bliss and gratitude. 

I am happy.

I am healthy.

I am thriving.

I am abundant.

All my desires come true easily and effortlessly.

I am limitless.

I am destined for greatness in my personal and professional life. 

I am excited for new experiences ahead of me.

My future is looking bright and colorful.

A phenomenal future version of me is waiting for me.

The future version of me is more confident, happier, healthier, abundant and truly blessed.

Each day I am taking meaningful steps towards my future. 

I am so excited for what lies ahead of me.

I know deep in my heart that things are only getting better and better now. 

I feel truly empowered.

I feel positive energy vibrating in my body.

I spend each day making myself better.

I love myself.

I am surrounded by people who love and uplift me.  

I am attracting more positive and loyal people into my life. 

I am becoming more and more prosperous each day.

I am worthy of all the good the universe has to offer.

I know I am safe, loved and protected by the divine. 

I know that I will always be safe, loved and protected.

I am now open to miracles. 

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